How agile is NetSuite for your Multi-Latin company?

Is your company using NetSuite in Latin America? Outdated software makes your system useless, obsolete, and incompatible with the newest necessities. This causes the internal processes of the company to become inefficient and tedious. For these and more reasons, having a native built-for-NetSuite SuiteApp like the LatamReady, which is constantly updated with all the new… Continue Reading

Our secret is out there! Bring out your company’s potential now.

NetSuite in Latin America? Hello everyone, today’s blog is a secret especially for you! We’re going to teach you how to unlock the true power of NetSuite in Latin America with the help of the LatamRedy SuiteApp. A native tool that exquisitely handles all issues regarding local tax determination, calculation, rules, information reporting, pdf customizations… Continue Reading

Dive Deep into massive E-invoicing for Latin America

Are you using NetSuite in Latin America? Do you know what Electronic Invoicing is? Electronic invoicing actually should technically be called ‘Electronic documents’. This refers to the legal requirement when issuing invoices,  debit memos, credit memos, withholding tax certificates, all usually done with an XML file. An XML file is a very specific file that… Continue Reading

Multi-Latin companies NEED tax advice in Brazil and the rest of LatAm

Taxes are payable by all private business entities residing in Brazil, these include corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, branches and agencies of corporations with head offices abroad. Taxes are imposed by the federal state and municipal governments. Many business owners know that Brazil has a vast and complex taxation system, comprising federal, state and municipal… Continue Reading

Connected solutions allow you to scale your business, Here is the secret!

Hello, NetSuite universe! Today we’re going to start talking about Oracle NetSuite. What do we really know about it?  Did you know NetSuite provides a unified cloud-based system to companies around the world? This system also helps them connect all their business necessities, allow and un-match the ability to lead their businesses, especially when your… Continue Reading

Are your multiple invoices an issue? Here is the trick!

Recently, a silent change has transformed tax administration in Latin America. Electronic invoicing or as you may know it as ‘E-invoicing’ is the solution against the fight to evasion and the support for tax transparency. It emerged from the innovative efforts of big companies that attempt to implement modern technology for difficult tax requirements, especially… Continue Reading


Globalization and technological development over the past last decade, including the need for tax compliance has made foreign companies with subsidiaries in Latin America unable to deal with all the requirements and only focus on their core businesses, transferring their resources to expert assessors in those activities, basically outsourcing certain functions including finance & accounting,… Continue Reading

The Solution for Tax Reporting multi-Latin corporations need

The countries of Latin America have introduced a series of reforms aimed at intensifying and modernizing their tax systems. While the reforms are part of an ongoing process carried over from earlier periods, the objectives pursued placed a renewed emphasis on the regulatory tax changes implemented in the region. The tax report identifies the standard… Continue Reading

How can Argentina be compliant with taxes and withholding taxes within NetSuite?

Argentina has been suffering continuously due to the instability of its economy, which has left many companies with constant struggles to comply with the tax compliance regulations. The constant obstacles that the Argentine regulation imposes on foreign companies make them begin to feel insecure. Are you an international corporation that uses subsidiaries that own NetSuite… Continue Reading


Latin America is a complex region taxwise, each country has its own regulations and that makes multi-latin companies’ situation difficult to deal with. LatamReady worked on this scenario and, as a NetSuite partner, is ready to help out those companies that are struggling in the region. The LatamReady SuiteApp was made to help these big… Continue Reading

How Digital Evolution Influences Latin America’s Tax Compliance System

The way to collect taxes nowadays is bringing headaches to the finance ministries of Latin America and the world.  According to a report published in March by ECLAC (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean), Argentina (21%), Colombia (19%) and Uruguay (22%) already charge VAT on digital services platforms such as Netflix, Spotify and… Continue Reading

The Headache for NetSuite users: Constant Changes in the Tax System in Latin American Countries

Did you know that the current Deputy of the LVII and LIX Legislatures of the Mexican Congress Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar is presenting a project to apply taxes to purchases in Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb? If approved, Ramirez stated e-commerce companies, carpooling platforms, and home rental platforms would be subject to the standard 16% VAT charged… Continue Reading

Centralizing Latin American tax compliance processes: A step too far?

One common pitfall: Thinking that Latin American processes can be easily moved into a financial shared service managed exclusively in the US. We can see those big American corporations or just international corporations, in general, are working with shared services. These shared services could be a company or a business unit that is centralizing all… Continue Reading

LatamReady and NetSuite: The dynamic duo to deal with the complex Brazilian Tax Compliance System

The Brazilian government plans to announce in July 2019 a list of fiscal measures to revive the Brazilian economy. They are moving forward with the tax reform project and debating about the creation of a new tax for financial transactions that will affect all large corporations with subsidiaries in the country.  For these sudden changes… Continue Reading

Multi-booking in LatAm within NetSuite: The risk of juggling multiple currencies

Hey, did you know that the Latin American region counts for more than 14 countries, with different currencies for each one of them? When it comes to owning subsidiaries in Latin America, remember that currencies are another big challenge, especially in accounting and tax reporting.  Most of the time, when not paying enough attention to… Continue Reading

What Multi-Latin corporations need to know about NetSuite in LatAm

In case you didn’t understand, your ERP or whatever accounting software you are using is NOT a financial system of record. When you’re expanding overseas, especially in Latin America, your objective will be to simplify your tax reporting process, not make it more difficult, so to you, international business owners reading this article, here’s what… Continue Reading

Changes in the Brazilian Tax Compliance… Are you prepared for these circumstances?

At the beginning of July 2019 the Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro announced on Twitter, that the Ministry of Economy will analyze the possibility of reducing taxes from 16% to 4% on imported information technologies, such as computers and cell phones. For these sudden changes in the Brazilian tax system, you need adequate support. LatamReady is… Continue Reading


Multi-Latin companies face many challenges when they are working in the LatAm region, but no worries LatamReady has considered all of them and has built the PERFECT tool to solve them all, the LatamReady SuiteApp which has been made for NetSuite users and it’s available for more than 14 countries in Latin America including Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and many more. Let’s focus on the biggest challenge that is involved in : THE CHALLENGE OF CONSTANT CHANGES

Tax and accounting files within NetSuite in Latin America: the ULTIMATE challenge when it comes to cybersecurity

With the digitalization and therefore the acceleration of the flow of information all around the world, businesses are working faster, reports need to be done quicker, meaning that tax and accounting files can’t be spared in those changes. Well, unless you are a small business owning 5 employees in the middle of Utah, every big… Continue Reading

LatamReady: The Right Tax Compliance Solution in Times of Uncertainty in Latin America

Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), admitted that the institution had underestimated the complexity of current Argentina’s economic situation. That’s make invoicing in Argentina a little tricky, as you can find a lot of document types such as ‘Factura A’, ‘Factura B’, etc. But, how can LatamReady give the right… Continue Reading

Problem Solved!

Common problems faced by multi-latin companies when implementing an ERP. Many of our customers have followed the same ( wrong) formula before being introduce to the LatamReady SuiteApp. Here’s an exampleOur last customer started using  ‘QuickBooks’ ( a small and medium-size business accounting software) they realized it wasn’t enough for their growing needs. Also, they… Continue Reading

TAX COMPLIANCE 101 : How to be in full control of your businesses within the Latin American Space?

Latin America is an emerging region not only full of opportunities but also challenging business wise. What are those challenges you may ask and how can we go over them and therefore make our businesses successful in the long run? Why instinct should not be existing in tax compliance? Today, we are going to focus… Continue Reading

E-Invoicing ≠ Invoices!?

Many people assume that Electronic Invoicing is only meant to be for invoices, with no other purpose or use. However, due to the peculiar requirements Latin American countries have for Taxation, e-invoicing becomes a versatile electronic document. Before explaining its versatility, you need to understand how they work. When you issue Electronic Invoicing with LatamReady… Continue Reading

NetSuite’s Secret REVEALED!

What is a SuiteApp? “SuiteApps are applications that extend NetSuite for your industry and business needs.” SuiteApps are the most amazing thing! They are third-party applications certified by NetSuite and built on NetSuite’s SuiteCloud platform. The official marketplace for these solutions can be found on you can find all the solutions from other third-party providers that… Continue Reading

An Introduction To NetSuite & Argentina

  Watch the entire webinar here: Baz: Hello everybody! Welcome again to the monthly show LatamZone. This is where we talk about our localization solutions for NetSuite from LatamReady, the number one NetSuite partner for international multi latin companies! Today topic is an introduction to NetSuite and Argentina, everything you need to know! Today… Continue Reading

Common Pitfalls When Implementing An Accounting Software In Your Multi-Latin Companies

Common Pitfalls with NetSuite You can watch the full webinar here!   Baz: Hello and good afternoon, everybody and welcome back to LatamReady. This is our monthly webinar where we talk about everything about Oracle NetSuite. Today we have Carlos here, hello Carlos welcome! If you noticed guys, there’s one person missing, our beloved Glenn our… Continue Reading

NetSuite & Electronic Invoicing with LatamReady in Latin America Webinar

This is the FULL TRANSCRIPTion of the Electronic Invoicing webinar on NetSuite and Latin America. Watch the full webinar at  (Intro) Baz: Hey everybody you’ve just tuned into LatamZone! This is the monthly webinar, where LatamReady holds to talk about our localization solutions, a.k.a the LatamReady SuiteApp. Today’s topic is NetSuite and E-Invoicing with LatamReady,… Continue Reading

Keep up with the world! An organized system is a solution.

It’s no secret that the workplace is changing. Since just the turn of the century, Americans can undeniably feel a shift from physical to manual skills, low education positions to positions requiring higher education, and can experience an increased need for employment requiring more analytical skills. Changes as such can be due to globalization. With… Continue Reading