Expanding your company to Latin America? | Don’t forget to do this!

Is your company based in the States or in Europe? If it is, then you’ll already understand the taxation rules there as you’ve already learned to control and adapt to it.  However, once your company starts expanding globally, especially when reaching Latin America, you’ll need to understand that the level of tax complexity will increase… Continue Reading

Expanding your company

In recent years, many unfortunate events within Latin America, such as the discoveries of corruption, strong protests against the governments, stealing of public funds and other unfortunate events have made multi-national companies doubt its decision to invest within the region. What many companies don’t know is that, regardless of these events, the Latin American region… Continue Reading

Rule of Thumb in Brazil

Brazil is one of the most highly-developed countries in Latin America, with a stable economy and an increasingly dynamic marketplace. For this reason, Brazil is in the sights of many foreign companies that want to invest in countries with growing markets. Even though the economy of Brazil and many other countries in Latin America are… Continue Reading

Turnkey events grow your business!

Hello. You read that title correctly. Imagine, a three-day event, two, maybe even one-day event of booths installed in a chilled carpeted conference area filled with like-minded people and businesses, sharing ideas, discussing solutions, doing negotiations (on the spot) , and not forgetting to mention the scheduled expert talks and presentations you can attend, during… Continue Reading