Globalization and technological development over the past last decade, including the need for tax compliance has made foreign companies with subsidiaries in Latin America unable to deal with all the requirements and only focus on their core businesses, transferring their resources to expert assessors in those activities, basically outsourcing certain functions including finance & accounting,… Continue Reading

The Solution for Tax Reporting multi-Latin corporations need

The countries of Latin America have introduced a series of reforms aimed at intensifying and modernizing their tax systems. While the reforms are part of an ongoing process carried over from earlier periods, the objectives pursued placed a renewed emphasis on the regulatory tax changes implemented in the region. The tax report identifies the standard… Continue Reading

NetSuite Financials – What You HAVE to know.

We decided to put our webinar in text form because we don’t want you to miss a thing! Here is the full transcription of our LatamReady Webinar. ‘NetSuite FInancials – Everything You Need To Know’ (12.21.18) Watch the full webinar at  ————————— Hello everybody good afternoon. Welcome again to your monthly webinar. This is LatamReady… Continue Reading