Multi-Latin companies NEED tax advice in Brazil and the rest of LatAm

Taxes are payable by all private business entities residing in Brazil, these include corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, branches and agencies of corporations with head offices abroad. Taxes are imposed by the federal state and municipal governments. Many business owners know that Brazil has a vast and complex taxation system, comprising federal, state and municipal… Continue Reading

Connected solutions allow you to scale your business, Here is the secret!

Hello, NetSuite universe! Today we’re going to start talking about Oracle NetSuite. What do we really know about it?  Did you know NetSuite provides a unified cloud-based system to companies around the world? This system also helps them connect all their business necessities, allow and un-match the ability to lead their businesses, especially when your… Continue Reading

Are your multiple invoices an issue? Here is the trick!

Recently, a silent change has transformed tax administration in Latin America. Electronic invoicing or as you may know it as ‘E-invoicing’ is the solution against the fight to evasion and the support for tax transparency. It emerged from the innovative efforts of big companies that attempt to implement modern technology for difficult tax requirements, especially… Continue Reading


Globalization and technological development over the past last decade, including the need for tax compliance has made foreign companies with subsidiaries in Latin America unable to deal with all the requirements and only focus on their core businesses, transferring their resources to expert assessors in those activities, basically outsourcing certain functions including finance & accounting,… Continue Reading