Do Local Banks Still Matter? The Answer May Surprise You

From New York to London, Singapore to Hong Kong, the world’s leading financial centers are growing increasingly interconnected thanks to advances in technology.  However, despite the ongoing reshaping of the modern financial industry, operating subsidiaries across many different countries still requires building local connections and working with important local partners, including banks.   Why is it… Continue Reading

Tax Compliance Issues in Argentina Holding Your Company Back?

The recent economic turmoil in Argentina has left many international companies feeling unsure about future investment and expansion and struggling to remain compliant with shifting tax regulations. With Argentine citizens electing new leaders at the end of October 2019, even more changes to local tax regulations could be on the horizon.  Does your company oversee… Continue Reading

Expanding your company

In recent years, many unfortunate events within Latin America, such as the discoveries of corruption, strong protests against the governments, stealing of public funds and other unfortunate events have made multi-national companies doubt its decision to invest within the region. What many companies don’t know is that, regardless of these events, the Latin American region… Continue Reading