Centralizing Latin American tax compliance processes: A step too far?

One common pitfall: Thinking that Latin American processes can be easily moved into a financial shared service managed exclusively in the US. We can see those big American corporations or just international corporations, in general, are working with shared services. These shared services could be a company or a business unit that is centralizing all… Continue Reading

Multi-booking in LatAm within NetSuite: The risk of juggling multiple currencies

Hey, did you know that the Latin American region counts for more than 14 countries, with different currencies for each one of them? When it comes to owning subsidiaries in Latin America, remember that currencies are another big challenge, especially in accounting and tax reporting.  Most of the time, when not paying enough attention to… Continue Reading

What Multi-Latin corporations need to know about NetSuite in LatAm

In case you didn’t understand, your ERP or whatever accounting software you are using is NOT a financial system of record. When you’re expanding overseas, especially in Latin America, your objective will be to simplify your tax reporting process, not make it more difficult, so to you, international business owners reading this article, here’s what… Continue Reading

Changes in the Brazilian Tax Compliance… Are you prepared for these circumstances?

At the beginning of July 2019 the Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro announced on Twitter, that the Ministry of Economy will analyze the possibility of reducing taxes from 16% to 4% on imported information technologies, such as computers and cell phones. For these sudden changes in the Brazilian tax system, you need adequate support. LatamReady is… Continue Reading

Tax and accounting files within NetSuite in Latin America: the ULTIMATE challenge when it comes to cybersecurity

With the digitalization and therefore the acceleration of the flow of information all around the world, businesses are working faster, reports need to be done quicker, meaning that tax and accounting files can’t be spared in those changes. Well, unless you are a small business owning 5 employees in the middle of Utah, every big… Continue Reading