Choosing the Best ERP Solution for Florida Multi-Latin Corporations in 2021

LatamReady CEO Carlos Z. discusses the clear advantages of Oracle NetSuite in Florida & Latin America 

The #1 ERP and tax compliance experts in Latin America, LatamReady has over a decade of experience providing Florida-based corporations with the technology solutions they need to successfully expand across the Latin American region. 

After a year filled with unexpected challenges around the globe, we caught up with LatamReady Founder and CEO Carlos Zumaeta to discuss his company’s international expansion and learn what tools he believes multi-Latin corporations will need to achieve success in 2021. 

Below are some of the highlights of our conversation.

What is one lesson that the past year has taught the business community, both in Florida and around the world?  

The biggest lesson from 2020 for the business community is: cloud technology is key. While the cloud services sector had already been growing, this past year has undeniably turbocharged the adoption of this type of technology. 

Cloud-based solutions, specifically business management software like Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP, have helped many companies successfully adapt to the challenges and disruptions caused by the pandemic. 

Moving forward, I believe this shift will continue to accelerate, which means companies that stick with outdated technology risk getting left behind. 

What has changed for LatamReady over the past year? 

Like many companies, we have had to adapt and overcome many challenges this past year. Fortunately, because we work almost entirely in the cloud, we were able to fully convert our operations to “telework” mode with relative ease. This allowed us to continue offering outstanding customer support to our clients while also pursuing additional opportunities.

We also welcomed a new NetSuite team in Brazil this year, which will operate locally in Sao Paulo! 

With our headquarters in Miami, Florida and operations in Lima, Peru and now Sao Paulo, Brazil, companies that partner with LatamReady never have to worry about communication breakdowns or key messages being lost in translation. Our multilingual team operates fluidly in English, Spanish and now Portuguese.

What tools do companies need to meet their business goals in 2021? 

Any company that wants to make better decisions faster needs to implement a cloud-based ERP like Oracle NetSuite. Now more than ever, being able to access key business data from anywhere in the world is critical. Oracle NetSuite integrates all core business processes into a centralized cloud-based platform that provides visibility and control over key data. 

Automated processes within NetSuite also help international corporations avoid the costly errors that can often occur when local teams have to synthesize account data in different formats, dramatically reducing month-end financial closing times. 

The primary features of Oracle NetSuite include:

  • Accounting
  • Payments
  • Sales
  • CRM
  • Distribution
  • Business intelligence
  • And much more

Which companies can best take advantage of NetSuite?

Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP can be especially beneficial to multi-Latin corporations that may have their headquarters in Miami and multiple subsidiaries across the Latin American region. 

When expanding a business from the U.S. to Latin America, local languages, currencies and exchange rates all must be taken into account. Without an integrated ERP solution, these challenges can cause delays or errors in reporting, which can hinder decision making and make a business less agile in the marketplace.  

Implementing a global management system like NetSuite will directly assist in international expansion by consolidating financial reports, simplifying and streamlining key business processes and saving time for the accounting team. 

From the top to the bottom of an organization, across time zones, currencies and languages, Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP enables key players to access critical information to make better business decisions faster. 

Why should Florida-based businesses specifically count on NetSuite and LatamReady?

Migrating or upgrading to a fully integrated cloud-based ERP such as Oracle NetSuite provides Florida companies with the foundation they need to grow their business and expand to Latin America. 

Businesses can fully customize their NetSuite financial modules to adjust as their company grows from a single headquarters to a larger, more complex operation with various subsidiaries in multiple countries. 

Choosing the right implementation partner is also critical. With over 10 years of experience, 100+ NetSuite experts, and 150+ projects successfully completed, LatamReady is the biggest and most experienced team of experts for NetSuite in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina and the entire Latin American region. 

How do you believe rolling out NetSuite in Latin America will change in the future? 

Instead of hiring consultants to fly to different countries to oversee NetSuite training onsite, I believe more companies will rely on online training. Basically, NetSuite training is also going to move to the cloud. 

Fortunately, LatamReady is perfectly equipped to provide international companies rolling out NetSuite in Latin America with the cloud-based support services and training their local NetSuite users need. 

Every LatamReady client is provided access to LatamDojo, our exclusive E-learning platform.  LatamDojo contains essential online NetSuite training courses and Latin American tax compliance courses in Spanish, Portuguese and English. 

As a cloud-based E-learning platform, local users in Brazil, Mexico and across Latin America can access LatamDojo anywhere they have an internet connection and learn to master  NetSuite in their native language! 

Where can business leaders learn more about NetSuite

As the #1 ERP and tax compliance experts in Latin America, we have developed a robust network of NetSuite resources, which includes webinars, demos and more. Valuable resources for our partners and clients, some of our most popular NetSuite resources and platforms include: 

  • NetSuite in Latin America Demos: Detailed demos form our experts provide step-by-step guidance regarding mandatory taxation fields within NetSuite for Latin American subsidiaries.
  • LatamZone — Watch NetSuite in Latinoamérica webinars, presented by a specialized team for each topic. You don’t want to miss what they have to say!
  • LatamReady Blog: Contains all the latest news and tips regarding mandatory tax compliance regulations in Latin America. Updated frequently, so check back often! 
  • LatamReady YouTube Channel: Hit subscribe so you never miss a new video about taxes and Oracle NetSuite in Latin America. Watch from anywhere, even on your phone!
  • LatamReady on LinkedIn: Connect with us on LinkedIn to stay up to date with the latest developments and special offers. 

Final takeaways — anything else you would like to add? 

For any CEOs or CFOs who may read this interview: if you lead an international company and plan to roll out projects in Latin America in 2021, consider the following: 

  • With over 10 years of experience, 100+ NetSuite experts, and 150+ projects successfully completed, LatamReady is the biggest and most experienced team of experts for NetSuite in all of Latin America. 
  • LatamReady provides a single point of contact and project support in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • The LatamReady SuiteApp is the ONLY tax compliance solution certified by NetSuite that works in 18+ Latin American countries. 

Full NetSuite implementation and the LatamReady SuiteApp are now available through LatamReady in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador and more. 

Schedule a meeting with a LatamReady sales representative today:

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Founded in 2009, we have over a decade of experience implementing Oracle NetSuite in multiple industries and helping international corporations unlock growth with the LatamReady SuiteApp, an integrated Tax Compliance solution within Oracle NetSuite for 18+ countries in Latin America, including Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina and more!

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