Oracle NetSuite Offers Florida Multi-Latin Corporations the Foundation Needed to Adapt and Thrive

LatamReady, NetSuite Partner in Florida and LatAm, highlights new ERP innovations to help businesses enhance decision making, improve visibility, and unlock new growth opportunities

MIAMI, Florida, Dec. 11, 2020– LatamReady, the #1 ERP experts in Florida and Latin America, today highlighted a series of new innovations within the Oracle NetSuite platform aimed at helping multi-Latin corporations adapt to change and build for the future. 

“This past year we have witnessed a lot of dramatic changes, and many businesses now realize they need new tools in order to adapt and thrive,” said Carlos Zumaeta, CEO of LatamReady. “The latest updates from Oracle NetSuite will enable business leaders to gain real-time visibility into their entire operations — both in Florida and their subsidiaries in Latin America. This will allow them to have the agility and control necessary to successfully build for the future.” 

The latest innovations within NetSuite are specifically designed to benefit professionals working in finance and accounting, supply chain and operations, sales and marketing, HR, project management, and IT professionals. Keep reading below to learn more details about these new updates. 

Finance and Accounting Professionals

Finance and accounting professionals can rely on the latest NetSuite innovations to streamline financial management functions, improve budgeting, and more. The new updates include: 

  • New Cash Management Capabilities: Automatically import transactions and account balances from thousands of financial institutions around the world directly into NetSuite, including several local Latin American banks in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica and more. These new New Cash Management Capabilities enable finance leaders to make better decisions faster by providing real-time insights into bank activity.  
  • Accounts Payable Automation: Finance teams can now digitally manage workflows and automate invoice entry, scheduled payment runs, and electronic payment processes synchronized to local banks in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and the whole Latin American region. NetSuite’s new Accounts Payable Automation streamlines financial management and saves precious time! 
  • Transactions and Invoice Automation: Finance teams will also have the ability to eliminate time-intensive and repetitive tasks by automating invoice grouping, intercompany cross charges, and the creation and posting of transactions; these new features extend to legally mandated electronic invoicing in Latin America. 
  • Better Budgeting: Leverage a dedicated budgeting solution that automates the budgeting process, eliminates manual data collection, and reduces budgeting cycle times, all within NetSuite

Supply Chain and Operations Professionals

Does your business involve plenty of logistics and planning? You won’t want to miss these latest Oracle NetSuite features: 

  • Automated Fulfillment Capabilities: Optimize profit by automatically filling orders based on user-defined criteria such as lead time, shipping cost, or fill rate.
  • Supply Planning Capabilities: Align supply and demand through new planning features for material requirements planning (MRP). In addition, planners can now easily monitor, release, and review orders through a dedicated repository.
  • Intelligent Predicted Risk: Gain greater insight into potential risks through machine learning algorithms. For example, NetSuite algorithms can identify purchase, sales, or transfer orders that are at risk of not shipping on time and provide alternative recommendations.

Project Management Professionals

Oracle NetSuite strives to make the lives of project management professional easier through these new features: 

  • Expense Management Automation: NetSuite populates expense lines directly from American Express corporate credit cards (for the American market), effectively streamlining the expense process and reducing data entry errors.
  • Resource Planning Enhancements: A unified view of project budgeting and assignments allows users to improve resource planning. Project managers that utilize NetSuite can easily identify skilled resources, view availability and conflicts, and check budgetary constraints to improve project profitability.

Administrators and Developers

For business leaders with operations in multiple countries, having accurate data from across operations at your fingertips is key to making the best decisions. NetSuite provides that and more: 

  • NetSuite Analytics Warehouse: NetSuite users can make better decisions thanks to aggregated data, interactive visualizations, predictive analytics and more. 
  • SuiteCloud Record Customization: A new centralized view of mandatory field settings and access controls improves the visibility of record-level customizations and their impact on the customer data model. 
  • Application Performance Manager Dashboards: Quickly spot problems and find solutions fast with the help of a new performance health dashboard. The new dashboard provides a real-time view of account status and allows administrators to view overall performance, flag system bottlenecks, and more.  

Human Resources Professionals 

Streamline your payroll, onboarding and other important HR functions with these NetSuite updates (available only in the United States): 

  • Employee Onboarding: Easily create role-based onboarding checklists to engage new hires and get them oriented and productive faster. 
  • SuitePeople Performance Management: Centrally manage and administer the employee performance review process. SuitePeople Performance Management helps increase employee engagement through active, real-time goal updates and monitoring.
  • SuitePeople Payroll Enhancements: More effectively manage retirement plan deductions by automating employee and employer match contributions and facilitating compliance. 

Sales and Marketing Professionals

Improve customer experience and speed up the sales process with these NetSuite innovations: 

  • Ecommerce Site Management (available for the American market): Take advantage of site management capabilities to improve end-user experiences, monitor performance, and receive deeper analytics. 
  • Online Self-Service Account Management: Improve the customer experience while reducing sales and support activities. For example, the latest B2B features within NetSuite allow buyers to quickly and easily convert online quotes to sales orders, pay invoices, and process bulk purchases.

Full NetSuite Implementation Now Available in Florida + LatAm

Implementing a new cloud ERP is an important business decision, so you want to do it with experts who know how to adapt the system to reflect your industry and your unique business needs. 

For Florida corporations operating and expanding into Latin America, the clear leaders in NetSuite implementation are LatamReady. Since its founding in 2009, LatamReady has grown to become the largest and most experienced NetSuite team in Latin America. Today, our company has more than 100 employees and has successfully partnered with more than 150 international companies. 

Full NetSuite implementation is now available through LatamReady in Florida, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama and Ecuador and more Latin American countries. 

LatamDojo: NetSuite Online training in Spanish

The changes over the past year have also transformed how new NetSuite users receive essential training. Companies no longer need to hire consultants to travel to different countries to oversee NetSuite training at each subsidiary. Instead, more and more companies are applying their training online.

LatamReady is perfectly equipped to provide companies with the support and training services that NetSuite users need. All LatamReady customers have access to LatamDojo, which is our exclusive E-learning platform. LatamDojo contains essential NetSuite online training courses in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

As a cloud-based E-learning platform, employees can access LatamDojo from anywhere they have an Internet connection, even at home, and learn to master NetSuite in their native language.

NetSuite Resources from LatamReady

As the number one partner of NetSuite in Latin America, we have developed an impressive network of NetSuite resources, including webinars, demos and more. In addition to LatamDojo, some of our most popular NetSuite platforms and features include:

  • NetSuite demos – Detailed demos from our experts provide a step-by-step guide on how to harness the power of NetSuite.
  • LatamReady blog: contains the latest news and tips about NetSuite in Latin America. It is updated frequently, so check back frequently.
  • LatamReady on YouTube: Subscribe to never miss a new video about Oracle NetSuite in the Latin American region. Watch from anywhere, even on your phone!
  • LatamReady on LinkedIn: connect with us on LinkedIn to stay updated on the latest developments and special offers.

Contact LatamReady Today!

Does your company have the tools it needs to adapt to change and successfully build for the future? Here are just a few reasons why you should partner with LatamReady if you want to grow your business in Florida and across Latin America: 

  • With over 10 years of experience, 100+ NetSuite experts, and 150+ projects successfully completed, LatamReady is the biggest and most experienced team of experts for NetSuite in all of Latin America. 
  • LatamReady provides a single point of contact and project support in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • The LatamReady SuiteApp is the ONLY tax compliance solution certified by NetSuite that works in 18+ Latin American countries. 

Full NetSuite implementation is now available through LatamReady in Florida, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador and more. 

Schedule a meeting with a LatamReady sales representative today:

Published by LatamReady: Oracle NetSuite Partner

Founded in 2009, we have over a decade of experience implementing Oracle NetSuite in multiple industries and helping international corporations unlock growth with the LatamReady SuiteApp, an integrated Tax Compliance solution within Oracle NetSuite for 18+ countries in Latin America, including Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina and more!

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