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In mixed martial arts (MMA), fighters must blend multiple fighting styles in order to come out on top. One-dimensional challengers never win. Only complete fighters — those who have mastered wrestling and kickboxing and karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu — are crowned champion. 

In the competitive arena of international business, corporations using NetSuite that want to expand and open subsidiaries around the world need a complete tax compliance solution to compete and win. 

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LatamReady SuiteApp Knocks Out Tax Compliance Problems

The LatamReady SuiteApp is the most complete tax compliance solution for international corporations doing business in Latin America. Our team of over 100 NetSuite experts trains day and night to deliver a full suite of mission-critical functionalities, such as: 

  • Electronic Invoicing — The LatamReady SuiteApp has an established web services connection with a certified E-invoicing provider. Punch up accurately-formatted E-invoices, credit and debit memos, waybills, and more from inside of NetSuite with just a few clicks! 
  • Tax Rules and Tax Calculation — Don’t get caught in a tax submission hold! LatamReady created the LatamTax feature inside of our SuiteApp to complement basic NetSuite features and resolve all the complexities of tax requirements in Latin America. 
  • Tax Determination and Tax Information Reporting — Just like fighters have to report for weigh-in, international corporations have to report their financial details. The LatamReady SuiteApp is continuously updated to adhere to all monthly and annual tax reporting forms and requirements across the region. 
  • Electronic Payments Achieve massive wins with massive electronic payments. The LatamReady SuiteApp allows international corporations to easily make massive electronic payments from within NetSuite that follow specific formats accepted by dozens of local banks across Latin America.

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One Solution to Dominate in Multiple Countries 

A local tax compliance solution for Mexico isn’t enough if your company also oversees operations in Brazil and Colombia. 

The LatamReady SuiteApp is the only Built-for-NetSuite SuiteApp that provides full tax compliance in 18+ Latin American countries, so your multi-Latin corporation can dominate wherever you have subsidiaries in the region. 

Whether your multi-Latin corporation is expanding operations in Brazil or opening a subsidiary in the dynamic Mexican marketplace, the LatamReady SuiteApp can help you defeat all tax compliance challenges and reach new levels of success. 

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LatamReady Founder & CEO Carlos Z.

Get the Complete Solution for Complete Success

Do you lead an international corporation using NetSuite with plans to open or expand subsidiaries in Latin America? Then you need the LatamReady SuiteApp, the most comprehensive tax compliance solution available for the region. 

The LatamReady SuiteApp’s complete solutions will help you knock out the competition and achieve complete success in Latin America. 

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Founded in 2009, we have over a decade of experience implementing Oracle NetSuite in multiple industries and helping international corporations unlock growth with the LatamReady SuiteApp, an integrated Tax Compliance solution within Oracle NetSuite for 18+ countries in Latin America, including Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina and more!

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