Adistec´s Successful Localizations in Latin American

Adistec Corp. has streamlined its business operations in Latin America, thanks to a successful localization drive with the help of Oracle+NetSuite and LatamReady. Adistec is a  Miami-based IT solutions company that specializes in hardware, software and added-value services, Adistec is one of the most-recognized value-added resellers (VARs) in various Latin American countries. The secret behind… Continue Reading

Miami + Latin America connected with LatamReady & Oracle+NetSuite Cloud ERP

If companies are looking for the burgeoning hub of IT commerce and innovation, they’d be hard-pressed to find a better location than Miami.  Seen primarily as the gateway to Latin America, the Miami-Dade county of Florida is becoming a hotspot of economic activity.  Miami is growing in leaps and bounds with corporations setting up their… Continue Reading

How Oracle + NetSuite and LatamReady Provide Financial Consolidation in Latin America

From the beginning of a barter-and-trade system, cultures have conducted businesses locally.  Simple marketplaces, developing into shopping centers, moving into manufacturing, factories, and assembly lines, the nature of business has grown and spread.  What was once regional and even national has started to disseminate globally.  And with the advent of the internet, businesses are even… Continue Reading