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If companies are looking for the burgeoning hub of IT commerce and innovation, they’d be hard-pressed to find a better location than Miami.  Seen primarily as the gateway to Latin America, the Miami-Dade county of Florida is becoming a hotspot of economic activity.  Miami is growing in leaps and bounds with corporations setting up their Latin-America headquarters to take advantage of Miami’s easy access to the region and the IT benefits of the city.

What Makes Miami an IT Leader

Since the 1920s  people have flooded in looking for new opportunities and sunny beaches.  And they weren’t alone.  Immigration has played a huge part in Miami’s success and growth.  As of 2005, over one-half of the Miami-Dade residents were foreign born.  This melting pot of a city is constantly giving birth to fresh ideas and modernism.  Their citizens brought different viewpoints and cultures into one arena.  Whether it’s in Miami’s art culture, flashy tourism hotspots, or rapidly emerging IT resources, Miami is the place to be.

Oracle+NetSuite, together with LatamReady are taking advantage of Miami’s key location to provide the tech firms of tomorrow the software they need to work in the Latin America region.  Using the LatamReady SuiteApp within the Oracle+NetSuite ERP application allows companies looking to create a footprint in Miami’s tech gateway with seamless implementation.  They’re ready to handle the various changes in Latin America’s financial regulations landscape, and the workforce these corporations hire in Miami understand the nuances of their new consumers.  The best and brightest travel their way to Miami and corporations are beginning to take notice.

Aside from the technological advantages Miami has to offer, they’re improving their infrastructure and transportation to accommodate the travel needed for working within Latin America.  Often known as a stop for shipping (both passengers and cargo), Miami-Dade county is now taking on a huge air-travel industry with the Miami International Airport becoming a nerve center for inexpensive LatAm travel.  It has more scheduled non-stop cargo flights to Latin America and the Caribbean than Orlando, Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Tampa, and New York’s Kennedy airports combined.  That kind of traffic is incredible in terms of working efficiently within the Latin America region.  

The Who´s Who Moving In

The clients that are expanding into LatAm are setting up shop in Miami, keying into the IT industry and the quick regional connection it provides.  Some of the elite clients to create a headquarters in Miami-Dade county are:

– Leaders in media like HBO, ESPN, Nickelodeon, and Disney Media

– Shipping magnates such as UPS & Fedex

– Luxury brands like Audi, Porsche, and Christian Dior

And huge technology firms like Microsoft, HP, Samsung and more have established their Latin America headquarters in the thick of the newest tech hub.  They’re not the only ones.  Organizations across the world are investing in Miami as it leads them to the Latin America market.  One of Miami-Dade County’s strategic advantages is the NAP of the Americas, one of the world’s few Tier-1 network access points and a high-speed connection for data, voice and video traffic throughout the Americas and Europe.  The technology firms that are taking root in Miami are leading the fast-moving IT industry in fields such as simulation technology, mobile applications, tourism IT, and more.  Their active participation in shaping the IT world is bringing global attention to snazzy South Beach.

And Oracle is at the forefront.  With their own Latin America headquarters based out of Miami, they’re the flagbearer toward utilizing Miami as the gateway to the LatAm region.  They recognized early that Miami was going to be a strong leader in IT.  Much like eMerge.  eMerge hosts a tech conference every year, and the eMerge Americas technology conference always holds their symposium in Miami.  Their very first year saw 6,000 attendees and represented over 200 businesses.  The event is scheduled as an annual event, assisting in strengthening Miami’s role as the “tech hub of the Americas.”  And with each year, the eMerge conference has grown more prominent.  It’s now pulling industry giants like Steve Wozniak, Deepak Chopra, and Ray Kurzweil. As of 2017, eMerge had over 13,000 tech-minded professionals attend their annual conference.  It’s becoming evident that Miami is a cornerstone in the IT industry.

Miami is a natural strategic location, both for the merits it provides and the connections it brings from latin America in terms of technology (such as the LatamReady SuiteApp for Oracle+NetSuite) and the versatile and talented workforce. As the international gateway for Latin American immigrants, Miami provides the technology and infrastructure for international voice, video and data traffic. In addition to this, Miami shines with a diverse pool of multicultural, multilingual professionals, making it an ideal choice for Latin American regional headquarters. These reasons, and many more, are why top industry leaders are located there.  It is also why LatamReady has become the #1 solution provider for implementation and localization in the US+Multi-Latin ERP space.  Their know-how and familiarity with Miami’s technological advantages makes it the key resource to have when maintaining financial software.  

LatamReady SuiteApp was built with Miami and Latin America in mind.  LatamReady’s years of experience makes it the most opportune partner for Oracle+NetSuite, and together they’re expanding the Latin America market.  The rest of the world is taking notice and following their lead, right to Miami.


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