Oracle NetSuite: The perfect ERP for Latin America?

Tax reporting is all about control, and it can be a real headache for many multi latin companies who are not aware of the tax regulations in Latin America. What is the biggest challenge for those companies that want to invest in Latin America?

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The biggest challenge in Latin America

In Latin America, the biggest challenge is always going to be withholding taxes. Each organization needs to search for an ERP to implement in their business. Often what you’re going to see with NetSuite and most people know is that it’s fully cloud-based.

Expansion in Latin America

Cloud-based architecture makes the product just more agile and NetSuite becomes a great tool for that expansion in the world and Latin America. A good example on the other end is one of our international clients, Michael Page, who implemented NetSuite in 40 countries. We helped them in the Latin American space to increase their productivity, reduce costs and give them visibility and control on each of their subsidiaries.


Open up your subsidiaries in a matter of clicks

It’s so easy today for a company to implement and ERP in their business. Opening up their subsidiaries in a matter of clicks instead of a matter of weeks during configurations. Using specific features from NetSuite such as Multi-Book, our customers are able to set a primary book to be understood by their US corporations and also set books for the local teams in Colombia, Peru, Brazil, etc.

Adapting the software to your new business

As soon as the company starts operating around the world they will need a system adapted to specific requirements from the beginning that’s going to help them expand and grow. Moreover, we offer our experience in the Multi-Latin companies for the last ten years. Our experience makes LatamReady adapting the software to your new business needs is a lot easier.


LatamReady SuiteApp is the best option to modify NetSuite and agile your process for it to be compliant with regulatory requirements in Latin America.
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