Solving RFP’s for international companies using Oracle NetSuite in Latin America


Are you using NetSuite in Latin America? Big companies around the world working with many subsidiaries in Latin America usually choose NetSuite as their business enterprise resource management software because of its great efficiency. However, these companies face a big challenge when they try to open subsidiaries in Latin America. LatamReady has an excellent solution that unlocks the power of NetSuite in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and many more countries. Let’s go more in-depth into this.

What Is a Request for Proposal or ‘RFP’?

A Request for a Proposal or ‘RFP’ is a business document that announces and provides details about a project, as well as solicits bids from contractors who will help complete the project. In many cases, only government bodies ask for ‘RFPs’

An RFP for a specific program may require the company to review the commands to examine their utility. They are generally reserved for complex projects. These requests specify the nature of the project and the evaluation criteria disclosing how proposals are graded.


Let’s see what LatamReady can do 

RFP’s may include a statement of work, describing tasks to be performed by the bidder and a timeline for providing finished work. They also include information on the issuing organization. All of these take a lot of time, that’s why LatamReady SuiteApp, which natively Built-for-NetSuite has an efficient solution to deal with the difficulties you can have with RFP’s.

Skillfully creating an RFP may dictate the success or failure of the resulting solution. If specified requirements are too vague your company may not have the complete solution, if they are too detailed and restrictive, this can cause limitations. LatamReady already has the knowledge and the right solution for all of these problems.


Don’t worry, LatamReady is here!

As you may know, the LatamReady SuiteApp is the BEST Tax Compliance solution inside the LatAm region within Oracle NetSuite. LatamReady works tirelessly every day to provide the best experience with the ultimate solution to all international corporations’ tax compliance problems. E-invoicing, E-payments, Legal Ledgers, and many other issues can be dealt with via LatamReady.

Be aware of the changes that are happening regarding tax compliance not only in Brazil but also Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, and 18+ other countries in the Latin American space please check or feel free to call one of our sales reps at +1-786-600-2641.

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Founded in 2009, we have over a decade of experience implementing Oracle NetSuite in multiple industries and helping international corporations unlock growth with the LatamReady SuiteApp, an integrated Tax Compliance solution within Oracle NetSuite for 18+ countries in Latin America, including Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina and more!

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