TAX COMPLIANCE 101 : How to be in full control of your businesses in Latin America with Oracle NetSuite

Latin America is an emerging region not only full of opportunities but also challenging business wise. What are those challenges you may ask and how can we go over them and therefore make our businesses successful in the long run?


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Why instinct should not be existing in tax compliance?

Today, we are going to focus on one of those, probably the hardest one to complete: Control.
How can you be in full control of your company and be aware of what is going on in real-time?

Well, we asked one of our most successful clients and this is what is answered: I want to avoid making decisions based solely on gut feelings.

In other terms, there is absolutely no place for instinct and randomness when it comes to accounting and tax compliance. In order to be prosperous in whatever industry you are in and gain international influence, creating subsidiaries is definitely the key to success.

But what is the point in creating subsidiaries, in investing money into getting offices, factories and creating positions if your current tax compliance system is blurry and all over the place?

How to overcome the lack of control within Latin America?

You do not want your once-in-a-lifetime project to collapse? Then using an ERP such as NetSuite is the ideal option. But in what extent is NetSuite different than other ERPs? Well to get the answer, you will have to know why people get an ERP in the first place.

Business owners using NetSuite would say that they want to gain in visibility of what is going on in their companies and, in the long run, grow within their industry.

Moreover, dealing with both countries requirements and how NetSuite works is definitely something to consider, as you want to avoid any legal issues and lack of productivity.

Having offices in Latin America and struggling with your current tax compliance system? Using NetSuite but looking for a solution that is going to help you out in having control what is going on in your company and making decisions based on reliable data and not instinct? Then the LatamReady SuiteApp is the right one for you! Fast, easy, reliable, our SuiteApp fits the requirements of more than 14 Latin American countries. Find out more by clicking on the link right here :

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