Using an ERP like Oracle NetSuite: A must-do for Multi-Latin corporations?

As today’s topic : the benefit of using NetSuite in order to build CRM within the Latin American space. At OneSystem, we do use NetSuite, especially in our sales department, as it allows us to have control on how many phone calls we are performing every single day, or how many new customers or leads we are registering in our CRM every single day.

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The benefits of using an ERP to build CRM from inside

According to Carlos Zumaeta, CEO of OneSystem : “Using NetSuite we know how many phone calls we need to have a first meeting, how many meetings we need to have in order to call a company a “prospect,” how many prospects we need in order to have a customer. So with all that business flow now we have control of our revenue.”

In other terms, having an ERP such as NetSuite can definitely be a tool that generates revenue in the long run and how it can have an impact on decision making as well. Indeed, using different software for each of your subsidiaries can be time and money consuming, and could result in a plummet of the turnover in the long run.


How to be sure of what is going on within my subsidiary..?

A specific option within NetSuite, which is the subscription module, can be particularly interesting for business owners in order to have real-time data and therefore to be in full control of what is going on within their subsidiaries. Many of our customers, especially in the US, are using the feature within NetSuite to have external data such as current inflation rates in order for them to increase their prices accordingly to that and keep the same cash flow over time.

What about you? Having offices in Latin America and struggling with your current tax compliance system? Looking for implementing an ERP that is going to help you out in having control of what is going on in your company and making decisions based on reliable data, easily and successfully? Then the OneSystem LaTAm is the right one for you! Fast, easy, reliable, our ultimate vertical solution for Multi-Latin corporations fits the requirements of more than 14 Latin American countries!
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