Moving US+Multi-Latin Corporations to the Cloud with LatamReady & Oracle NetSuite

Throughout history, nothing has revolutionized the business world like the internet.  If you look at it in terms of communication alone, the web has provided global contact with a split-second delivery rate.  That is incredible in terms of shipping or receiving, billing, or even discussions between staff.  With this formidable tool at hand, how are US+Multi-Latin Corporations taking full advantage of all its capabilities? The answer is Cloud Computing.

The newest innovation available is moving a company to the cloud.  Oracle+NetSuite have been conducting business like this for their clients for years.  They recognized the benefits immediately and have been on the cutting edge of cloud technology, always offering their clients the most up to date applications.  Oracle+NetSuite is a #1 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provider, and the solutions it implements have global reach and know-how.  Combined with the LatamReady SuiteApp, this partnership is ready to assist all of their US+Latin America clients with the move to the cloud.

Why Move to the Cloud?

Going back to communication, the cloud provides optimal resources for communicating across the world.  This includes reaching out to subsidiaries in all regions as well as picking a talented workforce regardless of location.  Telecommuting is becoming the norm, as according to the Suite Commute website, in 2008, 33.7 million employees telecommuted.  This allows an organization to hire a staff with varied backgrounds, educational histories, and cultural diversities.  Such an influential workforce understands the nuance of wherever that organization does business.  Having an ERP that’s cloud-based allows for accessibility.  A skilled workforce can now utilize it anywhere there’s an internet connection.  Wherever they telecommute from Oracle+NetSuite and LatamReady is available.

And Oracle+NetSuite hasn’t just thought about the cloud capabilities for a finance department.  By moving to the cloud, IT departments now have more freedom and security.  This action allows a corporation to outsource their ERP maintenance needs to a trusted solution provider like Oracle+NetSuite.

By utilizing cloud services, the ERP software is also available to take part in a backup and disaster recovery program.  Nothing needs to be stored in house so there’s no fear of a server crashing or virus infections.  All of the most important financial documentation is being housed in Oracle+NetSuite’s capable data banks.  IT can rest easy knowing it’s safe.  The company’s IT team is free to work on other pressing matters.     

Also, with the software accessible by the publisher, updates and technical support is seamless.  Everything is administered to the software immediately guaranteeing a finance department is working on the newest, most accurate technology available.  And the added benefit of LatamReady SuiteApp insures that an organization’s ERP is ready to go for any of Latin America’s ever-changing regulations.  In a region where strict compliance is mandatory, a business’s ERP has to be able to quickly and flexibly roll with those changes.  Cloud services make that happen.  Technical and legal updates are applied as they become available.

The quality of the work is improved as well.  Collaboration becomes a quick step when both parties, no matter where they are, can access the same software simply through a web browser.  The time spent working separately is halved as now multiple departments and employees can work in tandem regardless of physical location.  Also, while they work Oracle+NetSuite makes sure their software is running at optimal speed and efficiency.  A company is no longer relying on the processing power of their in-house resources or geographical whereabouts.  Instead, Oracle+NetSuite clients are able to employ the dynamic computing power of multiple data centers across the world.  This especially comes in handy with remote employees or workplaces where the infrastructure for technology is weak.  Now those locations will have access to software that is bolstered by a worldwide leader in ERP implementation, Oracle+NetSuite and LatamReady.

What will Cloud Services do for me?

Moving to the cloud has an added cost benefit as the price can be determined and predicted easily.  Staff is no longer allocated to maintaining data, and any expensive IT resources are unnecessary as everything is backed-up via the solution provider.  Many cloud service providers offer a pay-as-you-go pricing structure; basically a “pay for what you need” policy.  Multiple ways cost is determined are:

  • By the amount of time you use it (typical for IaaS)
  • By the number of users or features, or by storage capacity (SaaS)
  • By amount of memory consumed per hour (PaaS)

The days of pricey overhead costs to maintain a company’s software are over.  No longer are expensive pieces of hardware and software necessary to house a company’s important ERP program and all the historical data that comes with it.  

Once everything is within the cloud, the software becomes scalable.  Decrease and increase usage, storage capacity, user licenses and more via the cloud.  This will keep costs low when needed to decrease, and it will be quick to add services when needed as an organization continues to grow.  A new user license takes little more than “flipping a switch” (turning the resource on, or keying in an unlocking code).  There’s no disk or file to install.  It’s quick, easy, and affordable.

How does the future look for the cloud?

Nothing is more persuasive for moving to the cloud than the fact that this is a major investment in a company’s future.  The accessibility of a company’s ERP via the cloud means it will be available to receive the newest of updates.  As technology changes and improves, the software becomes more intuitive, more efficient.  The way to insure an organization will receive those benefits is to have their software cloud-based.  Many companies are transferring on premise databases and even paper files to secure, cloud storage facilities.  Their records and documents will be housed in databanks that are virtually immortal.  

This is quite literally where business is going, in Latin America and across the globe. Thousands of organizations rely on cloud communication technology every day.  All size companies as well.  Right Scale conducted its annual State of the Cloud survey and for 2016, 95 percent of their respondents are now using cloud.  That’s up from 93 percent in 2015.  Out of their respondents, only 42 percent represented companies of 1000 employees or more.  Many of the companies surveyed ranged the spectrum of industries and sizes.  And they all use cloud.  Cloud services integrate software across platforms and update easily.  It is the future.

So much can be gained from investing cloud services.  Oracle+NetSuite recognizes that and provides the most comprehensive solution for ERP.  By partnering with LatamReady SuiteApp, this cloud-based ERP will take full advantage of moving to the cloud and all of its benefits.  The opportunities are available within Latin America, and cloud computing makes the work easy and harmonious.

As we continually move forward with technology and all it’s capable of, US companies across Latin America need a strong, fast ERP solution.  Cloud services can provide that and Oracle+NetSuite, combined with LatamReady professional services and LatamReady SuiteApp features, is making sure that comes to pass.

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