Get the Key Business Data You Need with LatamReady and Oracle NetSuite in Latin America

One of the qualities businesses are looking for in this new economic climate is speed.  Speed of growth, speed of consumerism, speed of data.  With the advent of the internet, everyone expects to have the data they need at their fingertips.  As it turns out though, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is often still lumbering on under an inability to produce the way clients need.  Too many large, cumbersome software applications lack the efficiency and streamlined nature Oracle+NetSuite has to offer.  It’s sleek and fast, able to handle the most robust financial department which is excellent for Latin America.

When it comes to setting up shop in Latin America, US & UK companies are going to need to know their subsidiaries are being managed by the best software available.  Strategically Oracle+NetSuite anticipated this and partnered with LatamReady SuiteApp to provide Latin America clients with the most versatile ERP software package.  Oracle+NetSuite and LatamReady know their clients need their data fast and they’re ready to handle the onrush.

Why do businesses need data?

This seems like a simple question; data is of course utilized on an everyday basis by companies, large and small, to make decisions.  Data itself is defined as “factual information (such as measurements or statistics) used as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or calculation.”  Those measurements and statistics are boiled down into usable resources to tell a company how it’s doing and what they can expect in the future. 

An ERP program like Oracle+NetSuite will be able to assist businesses in analyzing their data in real-time.  That speed enables these businesses to make decisions within seconds that can increase their company’s growth.  That kind of split-second decision-making is necessary in the present economy.  And LatamReady ensures its data is accurate to the localizations and regulations of the Latin America marketplace.  

Most importantly is how data drives investment opportunities.  Being able to provide precise information is paramount as investors analyze everything before embarking on such an important decision.  Businesses unable to deliver viable data (such as cash flow statements, top-line growth reports, metrics on ROI, etc.) are often not considered when investors are looking for the opportunity to expand.  Profit and loss reports, value of customer database, opportunities to upsell: this kind of cross functional intelligence is something investors need from a mature business, and Oracle+NetSuite can provide it.  As Latin America’s regulations are so specific to each country, LatamReady can supply the required knowledge on compliance and local commercial requirements.  Together they’re covering all the bases when an investor is analyzing at future venture.    

How is NetSuite and LatamReady providing the data?

To begin with, Oracle+NetSuite is one of the top brands of ERP solutions worldwide.  It’s used by clients, of various sizes from various industries globally.  Constantly scoring high in all facets, it’s becoming the #1 ERP solution provider in the world.

Its reach into Latin America is so influential because of the LatamReady SuiteApp which enables Oracle+NetSuite to meet all the necessary requirements of working extensively in the region.  Latin America is growing and developing into more of a global powerhouse when it comes to the economic market.  To make way for this change, each country in the region has fine-tuned its regulations and adapted to their force in the worldwide marketplace.  It is an absolute fact that do to business in Latin America, organizations need an ERP that is as flexible as it is advanced.  LatamReady, teamed with Oracle+NetSuite is that solution provider.

This particular ERP solution comes with Business Intelligence, a reporting tool known for being systematic and logical with data.  The metrics and reports BI provides are easily understood and comprehensive, perfect for any investor.  It’s used in a variety of software applications as well, making it a universal tool.

In the same vein, Oracle+NetSuite offer cloud services as part of their ERP.  As many have suspected, online computing is where businesses are headed.  The many benefits of using the cloud have been documented such as having storage offsite, being able to access applications via a web browser from anywhere at any time, and so much more.  Oracle+NetSuite has been offering this feature from the beginning.

How about some real world examples?

Many Oracle+NetSuite clients have already benefitted from this type of cross-functional data.  FH Canada, an organization that is building self-sustaining communities all around the world, uses Oracle+NetSuite to enable those communities to thrive.  They’ve implemented Oracle+NetSuite in Bangladesh, Uganda, Haiti, Cambodia, Guatemala, Ethiopia and more.  Why did they choose Oracle+NetSuite? Many reasons, but two in particular were:

  1. The interface was easily manageable, negating the need for a dedicated IT department.
  2. The data reports were able to increase donor loyalty, by showing a clear cross-channel view of donor history and activity.

In fact those donor reports went from being able to be generated on a weekly basis to a matter of minutes.  If FH Canada could do that in their communities, imagine what Oracle+NetSuite and LatamReady could do in Latin America?

Good360 was in a similar situation of wanting to provide product philanthropy distributing more than $7 billion worth of goods to over 40,000 charitable organizations.  They had over 180 corporate sponsors and were growing.  The scale was enormous and their data did not have the transparency needed to grow internationally and continue doing good works.  By using Oracle+NetSuite, they did not have to hire a dedicated IT staff, and therefore they have more resources to put towards their charitable activities.  Good360 needed the proper metrics and data to gather the intelligence to make themselves more efficient and transparent.  Oracle+NetSuite was able to do that.  With LatamReady SuiteApp, they’ll be able to supply the same reliable, transparent data and intelligence to clients in Latin America.    

With the right ERP, a company has the right technology as an essential tool for value creation.  To be able to showcase the finer points of an organization’s data is what makes it so attractive and lucrative.  Investors can’t help but be interested in companies that take the time to have well-organized, up-to-date, cross-functional intelligence.  Oracle+NetSuite and LatamReady are making that the possibility in Latin America.  By calibrating an ERP solution to the specifics of multi-Latin companies, they’re opening up the marketplace and allowing for prime investment opportunities to take place.  Get the data an organization needs, in the format that is most useful for that business to grow with Oracle+NetSuite and LatamReady SuiteApp.  

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