Understanding E-Invoicing in Latin America and how Oracle NetSuite can help

The third of the five challenges in Latin America

E-invoicing is not just invoicing, we are talking about electronic documents, very similar to the concept before about tax reporting. All of the information electronically received by the tax authority in a specific format.

Every single invoice, credit memo, debit memo, waybills, withholding taxes certificates, any kind of documents that needs to be submitted to the tax authority when issued before they have any legal value it’s an XML file.

It’s something that is not able to be read by a human being and goes to the tax authority. So, when do people have to create this report and send it off to the tax agency?

Every time you make a transaction, documents get sent to the tax authority, get validated and then you have a legal document.

We can generate that document from within NetSuite, send it directly to the tax authority with automated integration seamless. The customer does not have to fill out information from that invoice from a separate portal. Everything is from within the same instance.

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