Constant Change and Support – How does it affect tax compliance in Latin America??

The forth of the five challenges in Latin America

The example we always use is for explaining Latin American situation is, if you want to understand tax compliance in Latin America, then you can’t  take a picture, because that picture is not going to be valid next day or next month.

If you work on a list of tax compliance requirements for the countries you are working with, at some point you might realize that a few reports had been changed or had been replaced with the pass of time.

That’s the challenge of any global ERP deployment. How to keep up to date with that. The challenge will always be the same: Keep complying natively inside of a platform with such a dynamic region.

That’s why NetSuite works with the LatamReady SuiteApp, provider as a strategic partner, and it’s a very smart decision because they can rely on the knowledge as this SuiteApp has an upgrade twice a year, this way the dynamic response from  local partners will make sure clients are complying at all times.

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